Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh. Jesus

I am dying. No I actually think I am. I have that "bird shit in mouth" feeling, that familiar headache, the constant threat of projectile vomit....

It's a wine hangover. Well wine and cider hangover. What started as a very civilised affair with a few friends, sitting around talking about savings accounts (It's true) over a few glasses of wine descended into 9.55pm hit and run to the off license to buy, get this,3 bottles of wine!!!!!

It turned into one of those nights out.

In other news, my friend Ash passed her driving test, good on ya Sinco!!

Ps: Has anyone seen my phone? :(

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And then there's that........

I was looking back on my photos earlier, I love looking at photos and came across some of our trip tp Lithuania in January, what a legend of a trip....

You crazy Irish!!!

That is my best friend Kate and I, standing on a frozen lake atTrakai Castle. Everyone else was so cultured there, we however, were not.
I'm studying for repeats, why do I always have repeats??? Actually don't answer that.
I feel very stresssed, currently looking for a new house, trying to study and organise Prom Night... I've got a knot in my tum-tums. But in fairness, I'm pretty happy with how things are going with Prom Night, I've had so much support from everyone. Got my itinerary (Is that how I spell it??!) for my trip to the Grand Canyon and it just sounds so EXITING!!!

I've never been to America so I will be like a culchie in Dublin on December the 8th!!

In other news, I kind of dyed my hair blonde last night. When I texted my friend Ash to tell her, she just wrote back ; "Oh Jesus Christ, why didn't you wait for me to do it?!". I probably should have because instead of doing highlights I just kinda smeared the stuff all over my head but to be honest I don't think it looks too bad...

Still tired from Saturdat night - pure carnage.