Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello. I am in good humour today. It is very warm.
I like summer when it really is summer!

I am busy studying for repeats (As always) and organising my charity event, more details will be posted soon.
Just check this out


Monday, July 28, 2008

Last night I went to see Michael Buble with my Mam. I was expecting a "swaying" Mammy fest full of oul wan's going "Oh Michael, isn't he lovely..."

Instead I was pleasantly surpised, the man has a personality, he was hilarious!!! His personality really made the show and also he is frickin' HOTTTTTT!!

I hear he is recently single and I have no doubt he cleans up...his charm had me weak at the knees last night!!!

Look at him...What a hottie..And so funny.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

So this ad came on tele recently for Halle and Oates and their greatest hits and I can honestly say that I had never EVER heard of the men in my life but I know like all of their hits. Hall and Oates are legends!!! That's them above, cheesy looking bastards but responsible for most of the cheesiest, most excellent songs of the 80's! Anyone ever been to Club Nassau, the 80'S club? Their setlist is like a salute to these lads!! That night club is amazing, so ridulously camp and very sweaty but a good night guaranteed! Ray Foley was recently speaking about having a "Shite Night" kind of nightclub tour, it would be a little slice of heaven, rubbish music (that everyone loves even though they pull faces when it comes on). I fuckin' love crap music. But I like music too.......Okay.
Fleetwood Mac (Love this song)
Can you hear me calling out your name?

You know that I've fallen and I don't know what to say.

Speak a little louder or even shout,

You know that I'm proud and can't get the words out.

Saturday morning. I feel a little hungover. Ok a lot hungover. Because we had one of those random night outs where I went straight out after work, didn't change my clothes or even attempt to fix my make up and looked like a dog but so much fun. I danced a lot, drank a little more and DEVOURED garlic cheese chips. I also think I offended a taxi man but he was really mean so I think he deserved it.

I also picked up a childs cardigan from the side of the road and wore it home. We don't really know why. But by looking at it this morning, I'm pretty sure I could have contracted some kind of disease for wearing it!

Having a lazy day, it's fantastic. Listening to some music, I can't get enough of Those Dancing Days, my friend Amy introduced them to me and I am smitten. I love when you get excited by music.

We're going out again tonight, I really shouldn't but.........

In other news, trying to organise a charity night for our trip to the Grand Canyon. Myself and friend Ash are doing a sponsered walk to the Grand Canyon for Breast Cancer Research. Check this out, I made it myself!!!!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Those people who play violin on Grafton St make me sad. It reminds me of the Titanic before it sank kind of music....

In other news, I am getting paid tomorrow, thanks be to God. And it goes without saying, I didn't clean my room.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Songs I'm loving recently:

Death Cab for a Cutie: Cath
Those Dancing Days: Hitten / Those dancing days
Kings of Leon: My party
Dizzee Rascal ft Calvin "Hottie" Harris:
MGMT: Kids
Bell X1: Tongue
Me and Celine at Croker
Ash and I, drinking... Sligo.
Don't even know these guys. Or where the hat came from...
Rainbow at the wedding!
Well I've been getting stick for not updating enough (Yes Ronan that is you, why the hell are you so worried anyway??!!) For the record, my housemate Ronan is blogger extroadinare!!! Check out his excellent blog "Swear I'm not Paul".

I suppose I am a bit lazy when it comes to this, mainly because I'm never sure what to say. Like I don't want to sound like a knob....Dear Diary, blah blah blah.

Hmmm, well today was a good day, it was warm but not too warm. I was home with my parents last night, we hung out, we had fun. It was nice. Back to my hovel tonight though. Just to clarify, the house I live in is amazing, not like the student accomodation I grew used to during my college days. However my own room is a bloody disgrace. I can barely get in the door, I am what you could call a hoarder...the er on the end is very important!!! I keep probably every piece of paper I have ever got, I keep clothes just in case, you know, just in case I need to paint, or go jogging (When do I ever jog??!!), in case I need old clothes or in case I fit into them one day.

I hold onto keepsakes and junk for nostalgic reasons, I have this awful fear of forgettting thingsa when I'm older so I reckon if I keep everything from my younger years I can reminise in years.......

But the thing is I am not organised. In fact I am probably the most scatterbrained person going. My friends laugh at me, they have labelled my room as a wildlife preserve, but I am indignant to say that it is not unhygenic untidy, I do not encourage rodents!! They have a graded system to label my room, stages 1-5. It is currently a stage 6......

Yea. So tonight I pledge to clean it.

This was quite therapeutic actually.

Shauna x