Friday, May 30, 2008

Off to Celion Dion tonight....Do not Judge.

It's a guilty pleasure.......ok?!!


I'm going to sing my lungs out.

Final exam tomorrow morning, yowwwwwww!!!

Can't wait to be done, let the alcohol flow for the bank holiday weekend.

The last bank holiday weekend, there was a petrol can full of alcohol.....Oh Jesus.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So this is me then!
I am the one in the middle in the brown skirt. That was us in Prague, April 2007. Great holiday. Lots of beer fun. And the other ones in the photo are my best friends, well there are a few more of them but I'll introduce you to them later....

Things I like to do:
1)Listen to radio. Massive fan of radio, kind of obsessed with it.
2)Drink weird alcoholic mixtures loosely known as cocktails.
3)Dance like a lunatic. Not a great dancer but love to do it.
4)Hang out with my amazing friends. Weirdest bunch of people ever. But better that we're all together rather than spread amongst the normal people.

I am 22, I am tall, I am nice.